Onyx Properties & Powers

It releases painful emotions like sorrow and grief, specially from old wounds. Fortifies self confidence and a healthy ego by improving the ability to assert yourself. This specific quality helps you to be at ease in your surroundings.

It is also used to end unhappy or toxic relationships. It defends against negativity that is directed at you, as well as eliminating excess or unwanted energies. It also prevents the drain of personal energy.
It assists with challenges in life, especially those that can consume a lot of your own energy (like childbirth). This is possible because Onyx increases stamina, self-control and vigor.

Onyx treats disorders of the bones, blood, ovaries, legs, feet teeth, allergies, It’s highly recommended for people who suffer obesity and also for women during childbirth. onyx also develops wise decision making abilities and aids with self discipline issues (addictions like alcohol abuse). It reduces anxiety greatly, encourages happiness and good fortune.

Onyx Properties and Meaning

  • Emotional Strength
  • Stamina
  • Firmness
  • Durability
  • Self-control
  • Calming

Onyx Bracelets

Satin Onyx


Satin black has a quiet power to its look…

Shown on black cord with Rutile Quartz center

  *customize this bracelet – select center stone and cord color

Smolder Bracelet


Lava Stones and other grounding Firepower Stones for controlling inner Fire

Carnelian center shown on black cord

  *customize this bracelet – select center stone and cord color

Triple Tiger


Tiger Eye trio of Gold, Red, Yellow – Matte Onyx and Smoky Quartz

Matte Quartz Crystal center shown with brown cord

  *customize this bracelet – select center stone and cord color

Design or Customize
Top Tier & Tough
  • high quality gems from around the world
  • sport-durable & waterproof
  • premium Japanese cord
  • guaranteed for life

Adjustable & Secure Fit
  • handmade to your size
  • slide open or closed for relaxed or secure fit
  • universal sizing available