Hypersthene stones embody a useful energy that may help to boost psychic gifts. They may especially aid you with opening up clairaudience and clairvoyance also known as psychic visions. They are known as magical stones, and this may partly be because their vibration can help you to find solutions to problems quite quickly. They may particularly assist you when you are searching for answers to an important question.

Use them while considering what you desire in your life, to aid you to strengthen your ability to manifest your intentions. They also have excellent attributes for assisting healing, and have metaphysical properties that make it advantageous to use them in meditation. Their energy may soothe you if you feel stressed or anxious or if you are tired and need to relax.

Boost Your Abilities & Manifest Your Future

Hypersthene Properties & Meaning

  • Self Esteem
  • Emotional Expression
  • Combats Shyness
  • Personal Power
  • Reveal Answers
  • Boots Psychic

Power Stone Hypersthene

As this stone has a number of useful metaphysical properties as well as healing attributes, the best way of using these crystals is for meditation.

You may choose to meditate with one of these stones on the third eye, which is known to be particularly helpful, but it will also be effective if you simply have it anywhere within your auric field.

Hypersthene Histroy

The name hypersthene is derived from the Greek meaning “over strength”, It was named in 1804, and its name is said to come from two Greek words “hyper” – above and “stonos” – power. This was related to the fact that when it was discovered it was confused with Amphibole, but as it was harder it was named to show that fact.

Hypersthene Bracelets

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